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Eric Nam Makes A Breezy Return with ‘Lost On Me’

The latest release leads the singer-songwriter’s sophomore album ‘There And Back Again’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 07, 2022

Eric Nam

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Korean-American independent artist Eric Nam reimagines his sonic identity in his latest release ‘Lost On Me.’ The track follows the vocalist’s earlier releases “I Don’t Know You Anymore” and “Any Other Way.” 

Foraying the singer-songwriter’s sophomore album There And Back Again, “Lost On Me” ushers Nam into a sophisticated and sonically mature space, underlined by dreamy synth sounds and a breathy vocal performance. It’s a style we’ve grown fond of and one we heard in his previous release “Any Other Way,” which saw the vocalist curate a tranquil, indulgent composition, rich with melodic whistle sounds and rhythmic guitar riffs.

Fusing deep-synth and mellow guitar sounds, “Lost On Me” opens on a soothing note, vaguely resembling what Gotye’s 2011 hit “Somebody That I Used To Know” would sound like if Billie Ellish reimagines it through her unique sonic style. The pop-synth track sees Nam introspecting on his shortcomings in a relationship: “When we met I was stuck in a troubled headspace/ Didn’t know what I had until it was too late/ Tried to carry me through it but I was dead weight/ Bringing you down with me.” While he’s aware he was unable to fully accept the love he received, Nam makes a point to thank the person nonetheless; “Though the show might be over/ You should know that your love wasn’t lost on me.” 

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There’s something very human about Nam’s songwriting and it makes you empathise with him: “Never had unconditional love from someone/ At the time it’s the kinda thing that I would run from.” Although the track stems from his experiences, you feel as though Nam was directed to pen down your story instead of his. Honest, raw and emotionally charged, “Lost On Me” is just another reminder that the ability to weave vulnerability into records will always be the crown jewel of his artistry.

Produced by the GRAMMY and Emmy-nominated producer and long-time collaborator, Rabitt, Nam’s latest seven-track album comes just a few days ahead of his world tour covering several North American and European cities.

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