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Esmé Creed-Miles Gets Candid About ‘Hanna’

The 19-year-old British actor talks about playing an enigmatic character in the latest Amazon Prime Original series

Rolling Stone India Mar 29, 2019

Amazon Original series, 'Hanna' will be available starting March 29th, only on Prime Video.

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Based on the 2011 movie by the same name, Amazon’s Prime Original Series Hanna is the story about a mysterious girl with an unconventional upbringing that will take you on an enthralling journey with all the twist and turns. The production went on an extensive search all over Europe to get someone who would justify Hanna’s character. Their hunt ended in London when Esmé Creed-Miles was shortlisted for the role.

Speaking about her reel character, Esmé Creed-Miles says, “To me, Hanna was really about juxtaposing a girl who hadn’t been indoctrinated by any societal norms with someone who has to experience the modern world for the very first time.”

Being bought up in the woods of Eastern Europe and lived an entire life in isolation, Hanna is extremely different from normal teenagers of her age. Adding further, Esme says, “Hanna is really, really weird, but in the best way ever. She has no idea of manners because she’s grown up in a cave. She simply loves the people she meets, and really cares about them in an interesting way”” even though she also has to kill people.’’

‘Hanna’ will premiere all eight episodes on March 29th on Amazon Prime Video. 


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