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EVERGLOW Voyage Into A New World In ‘Pirate’

The K-Pop girl group’s latest release leads their third EP ‘Return Of The Girl’

Divyansha Dongre Dec 01, 2021

Solidifying their identity in the industry, K-pop girl group EVERGLOW returns with an innovative avatar in “Pirate.”

Characterized by heavy bass and groovy trap overlays, “Pirate” sees the group boldly take over an uncharted cosmic territory, while introducing themselves as pirates capable of stealing hearts. Identical to the group’s previous comebacks, EVERGLOW demonstrates their unmatched transformative abilities.

Exuding confidence, the group makes an unforgettable first impression with their vocal prowess, commanding the viewer’s full attention; “Girls all over the world, dance tonight/ And we could be anything anything.” Mirroring EVERGLOW’s fearlessness and resilience, the lyricism transforms the energy of the track, pushing it into the realms of empowerment and self-reliance; “Now let me introduce myself/ At the end of my route/ Two-pronged future/ The arrival of new wings.” The track also is a jolt of motivation to those in search of feminine power and upliftment.

The music video is a testament to EVERGLOW’s innate capacity be true performers delivering effortless choreographed moves. Frames that include the usage of bows and arrows or swords run parallel to the track’s message, further highlighting EVERGLOW’s vigor and courage. 

EVERGLOW’s third EP Return Of The Girl follows the group’s May 2021 EP, Last Melody. The group’s latest five-track project includes additional tracks such as “Back Together,” “Don’t Speak,” “Nighty Night” and “Company.” 

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