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evermoon On New Album ‘ABRACADABRA’: ‘It’s Hyper-Erotic Techno-Magical Post-Nihilism’

The project is helmed by Bengaluru artist Tejas Ramakrishna

David Britto Dec 16, 2021

Bengaluru artist Tejas Ramakrishna aka evermoon. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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For Bengaluru artist Tejas Ramakrishna aka evermoon, music was something he grew up around. Born into a musical family, Ramakrishna recalls his folks enrolling him for piano, guitar and singing classes as a kid, only for him not to enjoy it. He says, “I was content just listening to music until I was 14.” However, once Ramakrishna heard Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine’s 2008 album Scream Aim Fire, he found himself motivated to pick up the guitar daily.

Since then, he’s released his post-rock debut album Fever Dreams in 2017 inspired by bands such as We Lost The Sea, Mogwai and Russian Circles. Ramakrishna followed that up with two EPs: Es Geht (2019) and Strange Sounds (2020). There’s also been a few singles released as well as his band No Home’s debut EP Mind Games which came out earlier this year. Now, Ramakrishna is all set with a brand-new 10-track album titled ABRACADABRA.

According to the musician, the lyrics and sounds on his latest offering are “all over the place.” What’s heard on ABRACADABRA is a variety of sonic textures — from post-hardcore guitars to electro-swing beats to beatboxing. Talking about the tracks, Ramakrishna tells us that songs such as “fax me a hug” and “under the sun” are about “romance on the verge of the apocalypse,” while “it don’t mean nothing (if it don’t last)” touches upon the relationship between truth and impermanence.

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“[The album] is tied together by the title track though, where all the other songs are just little experiences you have as you sit through the performance of an evil traveling circus that baits you, bamboozles you and steals your soul at the end of the show. I saw a term on the internet that perhaps best describes the album: hyper-erotic techno-magical post-nihilism,” he explains.

ABRACADABRA also includes a host of collaborations, most of which were done remotely, as Ramakrishna recorded the album at his home studio. Looking ahead, the musician has plans to play live more often as evermoon and take the music on the road. His band No Home, with musician Mary Ann Alexander, recently released a Christmas single called “Christmas Go Away,” and Ramakrishna says, “Apart from that, I have new songs in the making already.”

StreamABRACADABRA’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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