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Ex-Motherjane vocalist Suraj Mani outlines his support for AAP

“Common Man,” is the singer’s campaign song for Kochi AAP candidate Anita Pratap

Rolling Stone India Apr 16, 2014


In the run-up to the General Elections, alternative rock band Motherjane’s former vocalist Suraj Mani is the latest to join the group of propaganda musicians that includes the likes of Delhi band The Ska Vengers and Alien Chutney. Pledging his support to Aam Aadmi Party, Mani released “Common Man,” a campaign song for Kochi’s AAP candidate Anita Pratap. Says Mani, “Quite simply, I am striving to convey the honest pride of a common man pained by the state of his country and asking for a chance to change it for the better.”

Written and recorded over the span of one day, the stripped down, acoustic composition maintains an easy, uncomplicated melody. The singer believes that as a people and as the largest democracy in the world, we have gradually devalued the power of our right to vote. Says Mani, “The saddest tragedy of any democracy is when you vote for a winning candidate and end up as a losing citizen.”


Suraj Mani – Common Man


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