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Exclusive Premiere: Hear New Delhi Rockers Chaos in the Capital’s Jumpy ‘Simple Man’

Their first release since 2015, the band have a launch gig for their new EP ‘Fools!’ this weekend

Anurag Tagat Nov 14, 2017

New Delhi alt rockers Chaos in the Capital. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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About a year ago, when there were riots in Haryana over reservations, New Delhi alt rock band Chaos in the Capital realized what they call “the bigger picture.” Vocalist Ananya Gambhir says half the band couldn’t make it to practice, but they still wrote “Simple Man,” their latest single.

“We wrote it because we truly believe that getting outraged online about everything doesn’t really solve anything,” he says. Chaos in the Capital, who came together in 2013, present a certain kind of rock that, by their own admittance, isn’t seen much in New Delhi””Nineties and 2000s alt rock that’s all about hooks and moody melodies. Gambhir says, “There is plenty of talent on stage. There are just not enough parties on stage. We want people to laugh, dance, fist bump, high five, hug, kiss and have a wholesome, magical experience at every gig.”

That sort of mission statement is also what drives the music and themes of their four-track EP Fools! which releases this week. Gambhir says, “We called the album Fools! because we don’t mind being clowns on stage, as long as everyone has a good time. Also, we realized we must be fools if we are making the conscious decision to make independent rock music. We guess we’re just embracing it.”

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The band will launch Fools on November 16th, alongside post-hardcore/alt rock band May Island. It’s a mix and match of catchy rock and angsty, emo tunes, but Chaos in the Capital assure it’s going to be good times. “It’s the biggest, nuttiest party we have ever thrown and we can’t wait to jump around with the audience,” Gambhir says.

Chaos in the Capital, May Island perform at Raasta, Green Park in New Delhi on November 16th. Event details here. Watch the lyric video for “Simple Man” below. 

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