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Exclusive: Natania’s Blissful New Single ‘Mess Me Up’

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter’s latest release explores the aspect of delving deep in relationships

David Britto Oct 27, 2017

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Natania Lalwani is back with her latest release, the catchy and breezy “Mess Me Up.” Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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This past June, Mumbai-born, Los Angeles-based Natania Lalwani released the optimistic pop track “Enough.” Since then, Lalwani has kept busy. She wrote the music for The Heart of Man documentary movie, which ended up topping the U.S. iTunes charts. Her music was also featured on talk show Good Morning America, TV series Younger and reality show The Bachelorette.  She’s racked up a hefty list of collaboritions with Los Angeles artists, such as singer-songwriters Sophie Beem and Chlo Subia and pop singer Stolar, to name a few. She is now back with her latest release, the catchy and breezy “Mess Me Up.”

The singer-songwriter says that she has been on a crazy writing spree. “This year has been a growth and transformation one for me in so many ways,” she says. “I’ve never felt more like me and so connected to my artistry.” For these reasons, her new song “Mess Me Up” is particularly special to her: “It started a shift with my writing and I don’t think I’ve ever been this inspired. It’s been so liberating writing without any sort of filter–I’ve never told the truth quite like this before.” 

“Mess Me Up” falls in the pop category and is driven by the main guitar riff and subsequently by ambient sounds, synth parts and Lalwani’s husky vocals. “I wrote this song in literally five minutes at 4 am,” says Lalwani. “It poured out of me and what I love about it is that it’s truly authentic, I didn’t edit any of it.”The song is about letting a new person into your life. “I think these days people are so scared to truly be vulnerable in their relationships and friendships and dig a little deeper because they’re scared that their baggage or ”˜mess’ will be too much for the other person,” says Lalwani. “I like to think there is truly magic in all our messes because they make us who we are and the moment we share them we build true connections.”

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The new song is the first track Lalwani has released through a U.S. label. Her association with the label, Lowly Palace, came about after she penned the lyrics for another Lowly Palace release, the song “When I Was Young” by Los Angeles electronic artist Neo Noir. “They are an incredible label and have been so supportive,” she says. Lalwani recorded the song with L.A. producer Brandon Belsky.

The rest of 2017 will see Lalwani on Indian shores promoting her latest single. She also plans on performing a few shows in the country next month. Also in the pipeline are a couple more releases and a song titled “Dealer” that the singer-songwriter contributed lyrics and the melody to for Belgium DJ Romeo Blanco under Sony Belgium, due to release by the end of the year.

Listen to “Mess Me Up” below:

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