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Exclusive: Natania Lalwani’s Optimistic Pop Single ‘Enough’

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter’s cutesy new song expresses the joy she found in never-ending inspiration

David Britto Jun 19, 2017
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Natania Lalwani_Courtesy of the artist

Natania Lalwani. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Earlier this year, Mumbai-born singer-songwriter Natania Lalwani released a haunting pop track entitled “Prisoner.” Since then, Lalwani, who currently lives in Los Angeles, wrote the catchy pop song “Feel Good” for New York pop singer Stolar and also penned lyrics for the electronica track “When I Was Young” by Los Angeles duo Neo Noir. Today, Lalwani has returned with her latest offering, the cutesy, upbeat pop song “Enough.”

With “Enough,” Lalwani moves to more light-hearted territory than the dark corners she inhabited in her last release. “”˜Prisoner’ was about a much darker period in my life that I feel I conquered and left behind. It was an important song in my journey,” Lalwani says. “”˜Enough’ is light, warm and filled with watercolours””this is what goes on in my brain,” she adds. “I felt like a stranger to all these pretty rare feelings I was having, so as usual, I just poured out all my emotions on paper and it was all so in the moment.”

Lalwani started writing the track at the end of February earlier this year while she was visiting India. “I didn’t have the chorus yet, I went back to L.A. and started working and writing every day,” says Lalwani. On the synth-heavy electro-pop track, the crooner sings to an unnamed lover, “You give me something I could write a thousand songs about/But that still would never be enough.” Lalwani explains that she felt that “there were pieces of this person in every song I was writing, and I literally couldn’t stop the inspiration. [I could write] a thousand songs and that still would never be enough.”   

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“Enough” was co-produced by Los Angeles-based producer [email protected] and Amsterdam producer N3ON. Lalwani also plays acoustic guitar on the song recorded at [email protected]’s home studio, the L.A. producer also mixed and mastered the track.

Aside from being a full-time solo artist in Los Angeles, Lalwani is also one half of songwriting duo Hits and Giggles with Asha Madhukar. The pair have been working with American pop singer Sophie Beem, who is currently signed to Columbia Records. Though she has big projects brewing Stateside, Lalwani intends to return to India to release more music and play live shows in the country. “Basically, lots and lots of music coming this year,” she says. With all of that inspiration, it’s fair to expect””if not a thousand songs””plenty of new releases from Lalwani coming our way.

Listen to “Enough” below:

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