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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Nathan Goshen’s Poignant New Video for ‘Home’

The Israeli pop singer outlines the pain and longing around homesickness in the documentary-style music video for his latest single

Riddhi Chakraborty Nov 03, 2017
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“I never really dreamed of being a musician because I thought it was too much to dream,” pop singer Nathan Goshen tells me over the phone from his studio in Israel.  Those words””combined with his slightly awkward, shy tone”” are a little surprising but also the perfect, humbling introduction to one of Israel’s biggest emerging stars. “It’s too far from you and it’s the biggest wish a guy can have, so I didn’t really think about it.”

Nathan Goshen gets personal and outlines his struggles with homesickness in “Home.” Photo: Flemming Leitorp

Goshen began his career in 2010 after signing with an Israeli label, writing primarily in Hebrew and shooting up to number one on local charts. His eponymous debut album in 2011 and three subsequent follow-ups cemented his status as one of the country’s rising pop stars, while viral fame soon followed in 2016; then-15-year old Dutch producer KVR’s breezy remix of Goshen’s English single “Thinking About It (Let It Go)” blew up across streaming services around the globe, granting him over 93 million streams (so far) and catapulting his East-meets-West style of electronic pop to international audiences and tours. It’s a lot of attention and the pressure to deliver a follow-up is always tough, but Goshen keeps his feet firmly on the ground. His latest single “Home,” which he released in September, gets personal and outlines his struggle with homesickness and seeking comfort in the familiar.

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Goshen’s voice is crisp and warm on the track, accompanied by uplifting, almost anthemic future bass. The drop is slower than expected but refreshing, creating an interesting contrast with Goshen’s ballad-like English verses. “I was in Germany I think when I wrote it””not even for that long actually””but I tend to miss home within three days of leaving,” he says, adding that his mother was ill and hospitalized at the time and it weighed heavy on him that he couldn’t be there. “I just wanted to go home and”¦ I felt the need to write about it.”

The video features scenes from a series of five short documentaries Goshen filmed with his team while on tour and focuses on how differently people cope with being away from home.  Clips of him onstage or walking through various cities add a personal characteristic. “We wanted to do a documentary so people can say what home means to them,” he explains about the project. “It’s really incredible to see how every person has their own struggle and story.” The video showcases that home can also mean finding solitude in friends or music and is instantly relatable to anyone who has ever felt moved away from where they are most comfortable and happy.

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Regardless of how much he misses his family while he works, Goshen doesn’t take his success for granted and this is clear with how jam-packed his schedule is. “Yeah, it’s intense”¦ I don’t sleep that much,” he says with a laugh. He’s just wrapped up shooting a lead role in a movie with award-winning Israeli filmmaker Avi Nesher (2013’s The Wonders and 2016’s Past Life), but is already back to work on his fifth album and preparing to tour again. In addition to all that he has a mystery English-language project he’s currently working on but refuses to reveal too much. Also in the pipeline for Goshen are plans to hit the road again and maybe even an India tour.

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