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Exclusive Premiere: Anirudh Deshmukh’s Idyllic Lyric Video For ‘Besabriyaan’

The track is the Mumbai-based singer-songwriter’s debut release

Dec 28, 2020

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Anirudh Deshmukh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

After being immersed in the world of architecture for a number of years, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Anirudh Deshmukh felt that there was a strange sense of monotony attached to what he was doing. He says, “There was always something missing… a feeling of being in a rut.” In 2017, Deshmukh began performing at venues across the city while holding his job as an architect. “I would wrap the day and head to a gig, perform and head back home to sleep for two or three hours. I looked forward to that repetition,” he says.

Since then, the artist has become a full-time musician and recently released his debut balmy acoustic-led track “Besabriyaan.” Written last year, according to Deshmukh, the song sheds light on modern-day relationships and explores the chaos and confusion in them. “Although the song is rooted in heartbreak, it is not a sad song,” says the singer-songwriter. He adds, “It looks at where the story stands today and in the next breath reminisces about a yesterday that is long gone.” The track includes laidback guitar plucking, a catchy vocal melody and poignant lyrics. “Besabriyaan” has been produced by Pranshu Jha and Kartikeye Ojha. 

The song’s accompanying lyric video features the words of the song against a pink backdrop with hearts flickering across the screen. “It completes the unfinished story and lets the listener in on what happened between us,” says Deshmukh. He adds, “I do want to remind anyone who listens to the song, that there are always two sides to any story, and ‘Besabriyaan’ highlights my side and my sincere take on the same.”

The musician tells us that “Besabriyaan” is the first in a three-part story, with two more tracks set to release in 2021. Deshmukh plans to continue writing and releasing new music going forward. He says, “In a nutshell, the vision is to leave behind my story and lessons with all their imperfections.”

Watch the lyric video for “Besabriyaan” below:


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