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Exclusive Premiere: Pop-Rock Artist Vineet Injects Optimism on ‘Jab the World’

The radio executive turned singer-producer has already accrued over a million streams for his slew of singles

Anurag Tagat Mar 18, 2021

Delhi NCR-based musician Vineet Singh Hukmani. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Delhi NCR-based Vineet Singh Hukmani previously held key roles in the radio and music industry in India for over two decades – he was CEO founder of Radio One and also worked with Worldspace Satellite Radio. Now, though, he’s climbing radio and streaming charts as a singer and all-round rocker who’s released songs throughout 2020.

Hukmani, who goes by his first name as an artist, is now out with his first song of the year, a timely tune called “Jab the World,” which combines his love for Eighties rock as well as dance-pop. Inspired by the likes of Van Halen (Vineet calls David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar as his “vocal idols”) as well as AC/DC, “Jab the World” surges thanks to the rock arrangements and vocals but also swerves with electronic-pop elements. “Whenever I need to express something with a certain punch of optimism, I tend to choose a rockish sound design,” he adds.

The lyrics and the music video showcase an exuberance that the world can perhaps use even as it’s been a year since the coronavirus disease was officially declared a pandemic. But with several vaccines now being distributed, Vineet decided to look on the bright side. “Sometimes optimism, in this case the world beating coronavirus, is a catalyst for more optimism… the world beating hate,” he says.

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Ask the singer and composer if he’s received the first dose of the vaccine and he confirms he has, owing to being immuno-compromised due to asthma. “It felt like getting a new guitar player in your band, you’re filled with hope but only time will tell if it’s really gonna work,” Vineet says with a laugh. Dubbing the vaccine “hope in a vial,” Vineet adds that a sense of togetherness is often the best way to beat any kind of negativity.

“Jab the World” follows 10 singles released in 2020, as well as working with his teenaged kids as Avni Vir Vineet on three singles. Along the way, Vineet says he’s gained a better understanding of what it takes to get on global radio and make an entry on worldwide radio charts, plus he found an agent, Martin Langford, to rep him. He adds about his next move, “I will also try to gauge the radio genre space of future hip-hop, even some Latino pop to understand what gives in these genres.”

Watch the video for “Jab the World” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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