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Exclusive Premiere: Australian Alt-Pop Artist Jacob Lee’s Graceful Song ‘Sorrow’

The singer-songwriter from Gold Coast is currently touring Europe

Anurag Tagat Sep 19, 2019

Australian singer-songwriter Jacob Lee. Photo: Kevin Bar - Moonboy Entertainment

While his domain is entirely intelligent, polished and confessional pop music, Australian artist Jacob Lee says people are often surprised that he draws from heavy metal and hip-hop. With the latter, he was drawn to rhyme schemes and wordplay. Lee says about metal, “I found that no one really ever screamed about something trivial, which is where I think I found my obsession with meaning and purpose.”

You can probably hear just a hint of it seeping into his latest single “Sorrow,” the third song out from an upcoming album Conscience that will be released track by track. In the soft and well-crafted “Sorrow,” Lee sings vulnerably about tough times. “’Sorrow’ came from one of the most difficult nights of my life. The song describes in detail the night itself from two different perspectives. I think anyone who’s been through intense heartache will relate to this one,” he says.

Released via his own label Philosophical Records, the 24-year-old first gained fame on Australian music reality show The Voice in 2014 and then released EPs such as Sine Qua Non and Clarity in 2016 and 2017, respectively. While his debut full-length album Philosophy was out in February, Lee seems to be at his prolific best. He says, “In a world where consistency of content is crucial, I find this is much more effective in the way of keeping people engaged. It also allows the listener to absorb a piece before being thrust into the next one.”

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Currently touring in Europe, it’s also sleep-deprived days for the artist, but he can’t complain. He says, “I’m feeling so fulfilled and grateful that my music is reaching and touching people.” Lee mentions that just two days ago in Amsterdam, his touring rig was subject to “rough treatment from baggage handlers” which led him to go acoustic for the remainder of the show. “It seemed to become a joint performance between myself and the crowd. I brought people up on stage to sing with me and I witnessed such passion and presence in that room. Things like this reaffirm to me that music does genuinely make a difference to people and I’m most definitely on the right path,” he says.

Listen to “Sorrow” below.