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Exclusive Premiere: Black Letters’ Bass-Heavy Dancefloor Turn on ‘Some Do Some Don’t’

The Bengaluru/Kochi band will release their second album ‘Still As You’ in November

Anurag Tagat Sep 24, 2019

Bengaluru/Kochi Black Letters prep their new album 'Still As You' for a November release. Photo: Abheet Anand/blankfound

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In the works for about three years, Bengaluru/Kochi alternative act Black Letters introduce their upcoming album Still As You with a futuristic electronic-leaning new song “Some Do Some Don’t.”

While the band transitioned from rock to dream-pop on their 2015 EP Petrichor, they eased into a beat-heavy wistfulness with singles such as “Falter” and “Landscaper” in 2017. Now, with this nine-track album, Black Letters are experimenting more with electronic soundscapes, even as they retain glistening guitar melodies. Guitarist Sarang Menon says, “This song is sonically very different from every other track in the album. It kind of keeps people on their toes in trying to guess what the album is going to sound like. It’s a good place to be as an artist to be able to do that.” Interestingly, the song features very little vocals, save for frontman Sharath Narayan’s robot-effected voice saying the words, “Fireworks I become into the sky.”

Vocalist, producer and guitarist Narayan adds that “Some Do Some Don’t” is quite a “lighthearted” track. “Probably like a bunch of guys and girls getting high and chilling on a terrace. We feel this song is a breather placed between the heaviness that’s there on the other ones. Sort of like a commercial break,” he adds.

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While you can hear the song exclusively a day before its full release below, the album will release on November 22nd via the band’s label Overfeed Records. There’s also a music video in the works for “In My Senses” sometime in November. The band doesn’t give much away but Narayan mentions that even thinking about the video makes him “giggle a bit for some reason.” Menon adds, “There’s two more singles, one with a music video showing off our terrible acting skills.”

Listen to “Some Do Some Don’t” below. 

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