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Exclusive Premiere: Czech Doom Metallers Et Moriemur Get Hauntingly Grand on ‘Libera Me’

Frontman ZdenÄ›k NevÄ›lík talks about how they took orchestra-like instrumentation to the next level on their new album ‘Epigrammata’

Anurag Tagat Mar 16, 2018

Czech doom/death metallers Et Moriemur. Photo: Courtesy of Transcending Obscurity

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For about a decade now, Prague doom/death metallers Et Moriemur (Latin for ”˜And we will die’) have been infusing their slowburn flourishes with a sort of epic sound that draws from classical music. Vocalist ZdenÄ›k NevÄ›lík says, “We like our music to be colorful and varied, so on the album you will find instruments like harp, oboe, trombone, French horns, organ, piano, clavicembalo, violin, viola or kettledrum.”

On their third album Epigrammata ”“ releasing via Transcending Obscurity on March 20th ”“ there’s a bent towards creating atmospherics with a choir and employing traditional Gregorian chants. The latest single “Libera Me” is a dense offering that rightly sends a chill down the spine with layered vocal effects and morose guitar work. Although they’re no strangers to using classical instruments, NevÄ›lík says about recording Epigrammata, “We had to resolve technical issues like the best way to record in studio or how to phrase the Latin lyrics so that they fit into our music.”

The band doesn’t necessarily look at Transcending Obscurity as an India-based label, but signed on with founder Kunal Choksi for quality. “I don´t think we would have received that kind of support from a Western label – they focus mostly on already established big names on their rosters and don´t offer many chances to shine to less-known bands,” NevÄ›lík says.

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With a European run of shows coming up to promote the album, Et Moriemur are already in the grind for prepping new material. NevÄ›lík says, “The rough structure of the album is basically ready. Expect some majestic atmospheric doom, exotic tunes and big guests.”

Hear “Libera Me” below. Get the album here.

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