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Exclusive Premiere: DJ-Producer GoodMostlyBad’s Wavy New Breakup Single ‘Baby’

The India-born, Doha-based DJ-producer talks to us about her debut EP, made entirely during the lockdown

Anurag Tagat Sep 13, 2020

Doha-based Indian producer-DJ GoodMostlyBad aka Gurmehar Bedi. Photo: Rizphotos

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Featuring clever editing that include cats and a beach visit, Doha-based, India-bred DJ-producer GoodMostlyBad aka Gurmehar Bedi’s new video for the vulnerable yet empowering song “Baby” was captured over “a million Zoom calls” with Chennai-based filmmaker Roy Dipankar.

A radio host and producer who started out in 2017 in the professional DJ space after she was invited to host at a friend’s bar, Bedi will release her debut five-track EP Baby on September 18th. Created entirely during lockdown, the artist still says she knew DJing and producing was her calling during the last three years. “The EP is a result of eight months of hard work, learning and a whole lot of unlearning. I was forced to confront a lot of my unresolved feelings and these songs are an expression of those emotions,” she says in a statement.

Featuring decayed and languid synth work over subtle beats, “Baby” also features Bedi’s plaintive retelling of a toxic situation that she’s finally extracted herself from. Also producing music under the moniker GMB sometimes, Bedi says this forthcoming project is the outcome of focusing all her post-breakup energy into her art and self-improvement.

In the video for “Baby,” Bedi is seen on a day out at the beach as well as indoors, with a visual splicing of footage of cats by editor Sarang Aigalikar. Roy, who has previously worked on videos for hip-hop artists such as demontheycalltroy and his feature documentary Extreme Nation, says, “Knowing Mehar for years, this video was a thrill to attempt — the freedom in the feral, the hedonism in dystopia, the decadence of love and longing, leading to an ultimate emancipation of GoodMostlyBad on her debut EP.”

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With the EP out next week, Bedi says there might just be more visual content coming out to support the release. Additionally, there’s a new record label and community geared towards conscious hip-hop music that Bedi is working on with friends and collaborators. “We intend to drop a compilation album early next year,” she says.

Watch the video for “Baby” below. The EP ‘Baby’ is available to stream here.

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