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Exclusive Premiere: Droolfox’s Sparkling New Single ‘Descent’

The Bengaluru electronica duo channel Eighties nostalgia on their latest offering

David Britto Nov 13, 2018

Guitarist Joel Sakkari (left) and vocalist Jitesh Jadwani of Bengaluru electronica act Droolfox. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Earlier this year, we came across a jazzy, R&B, soul track called “Paint A Picture” floating around social media by an act called Droolfox, and it was an instant addition to our monthly SoundCloud playlist in July. Bengaluru-based electronica/synthwave duo Droolfox comprises guitarist Joel Sakkari and vocalist Jitesh Jadwani. The pair is now out with their latest offering, the glittery “Descent.”

Over the years, both Jadwani and Sakkari have been in multiple bands together, but it was their similar love for artists like Roosevelt, Tame Impala, Tom Misch, Air and John Mayer that led them to form Droolfox. “Our sound is governed by tones from the era of the synthesizer,” says Sakkari. Jadwani adds, “Both of us are musicians making Eighties inspired music. We found ourselves jamming more and more as a duo [and] loved what we concocted together after every jam, so we went ahead and infused those ideas into songs.”

“Descent” artwork by eat_am_aei.

“Descent” opens with a sample of chatter recorded by Sakkari on a local train in Bangkok. The track then kicks into a disco style synth part and drum groove followed by a percussive guitar riff. Jadwani’s glossy vocals ties all the elements on the track together expertly. Says Jadwani, “The song is about feeling low but still going around doing what one has to. The mood is reflective of how we live superfast lives in the city. The city breathes fast, and we must keep pace.”

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Droolfox recorded guitar and bass parts on the song at Bengaluru’s Rainbow Bridge Studios and tracked the rest of it at their own studio, The Saccharide. Sakkari mixed and mastered the song. Next, the duo is releasing a music video for “Descent” which is presently in pre-production and is also lining up three more tracks that they plan on releasing. “We are currently practicing on our setlist and hope to do live gigs by January,” says Jadwani.

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