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Exclusive Premiere: Flying Shoe Comes to Terms with a Breakup in ‘Tonight’ Music Video

Pune-based indie-folk artist Omkar Potdar released his debut EP ‘Paperboats’ last week

Anurag Tagat Mar 17, 2020

Pune folk-indie artist Flying Shoe aka Omkar Potdar in a still from his video 'Tonight.'

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When Pune singer-songwriter Omkar Potdar aka Flying Shoe released his debut EP Paperboats, he didn’t expect the most intense song about heartbreak to become a favorite amongst all his happier, wavier material. The five-track record features Flying Shoe live staples such as the title song and “Rollercoaster,” but it was “Tonight” that Potdar has been getting messages about.

He says about the song, “It feel it’s the deepest song on the EP. It talks about heartbreak, so I wasn’t even sure I should put it on the same EP as songs like ‘Paperboats’ and ‘Rollercoaster,’ which is a fun song.” Although debuted as a live performance video last year, “Tonight” gets a proper release with a music video directed by the singer-songwriter’s filmmaker friend Divyanshu Malhotra and shot by Niteesh Jangid in Pune.

The music video shows Potdar and his partner – essayed by Archana Nair – in the midst of a breakup and seeing through the end with conflicting feelings. Lyrically, Potdar says “Tonight” addresses his delayed realization about the end of a relationship. “It’s a little funny when I say it, but the whole realization (of a breakup) always comes a little later, maybe a week or couple of days down the line. One day, you just wake up and realize that, ‘Oh, okay’ and it hits you. It’s kind of how you see the lightning first and hear the thunder later. The thunder is way more scary to deal with. It’s almost like that.”

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Shot at his friend Jangid’s place in Pune – Potdar notes that the D.O.P. knew exactly all the timings for “when the best lighting would be in the day for the best shots” – the video was done in the span of a day. The EP, however, has been in the works since 2017, along with producer Zain Calcutawalla. “Tonight” features drumming from Karun Kannampilly (from indie rock band The Koniac Net) and bass and keyboard work from Yohaan Pissurlenker (from indie band Calico) and additional guitars by Anuraag Gawhale (also from Calico).

Watch the video for ‘Tonight’ below. Stream ‘Paperboats’ EP here.

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