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Exclusive Premiere: Toronto Trio GEN64 Get Playful in ‘Dum Dum’ Video

Watch vocalists Lush Lightyear and Mani, plus producer DEYS celebrate a post-lockdown summer outdoors

Anurag Tagat Sep 03, 2021

Toronto trio GEN64's Lush Lightyear, Mani and DEYS. Photo: Emilia Zibaei/Visions of Em

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At the end of a relaxed and fun-filled day outdoors spent in a mansion garden, Toronto-based hip-hop trio GEN64’s music video for their new song “Dum Dum” shows them circling back and lost. The group – comprising Lush Lightyear aka Shivam Singh and Mani aka Osman Yusuf on vocals and producer DEYS aka Syed Hussain – admit they did actually lose their way. “If you know the Drake lyric ‘House so big I haven’t seen them boys in two days,’ that’s an accurate description of the property,” they add.

That kind of carefree fun is significant on the buoyant and jovial song, fed by an “Afro-style beat” created by Mani. The group say in a statement, “We made this right at the start of the summer when we knew things were going to start opening up again in Toronto and around the world. That excitement and energy was already looming so it spilled into this song. The song’s about summer love, kicking back and having fun.”

Released via Surrey, Canada-based label Snakes x Ladders, the song follows releases such as “Comme Des Garcons” in July, plus “Same Wave,” “Nightmare” and “Slip N’ Slide.” This song positions itself as a “summer bop” even if the pandemic situation continues to keep everyone guessing in Canada as well as the rest of the world.

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Nevertheless, the trio have more music coming up through 2021 and the next year as well, focusing on singles and “putting as much energy into each drop as we can.” The group adds, “We also have a big project we’re working on with Toronto-based production team The.97 Collective. They’ve done work with a bunch of artists we love like Roy Woods, 88GLAM, Ramriddlz, and Anders, so we’re really looking forward to creating something lasting and making an imprint on our sound.”

Watch the video for “Dum Dum” below. Stream the song here.

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