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Exclusive Premiere: Gin City’s Filter Heavy Video For ‘Blackout’

The song is off the Mumbai rock band’s 2021 album ‘All That There Is’

David Britto Sep 24, 2021

Mumbai rockers Gin City. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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With the release of their seven-track debut album All That There Is earlier this year, Mumbai rockers Gin City have now put out a music video for the grungy “Blackout” from the record. Watch the clip exclusively on Rolling Stone India below and read our interview with the band’s vocalist-guitarist Shishir Singh where he talks to us about the making of the video.

Tell me about your experience in putting the video together.

Probably, the toughest part about the video was to get all of us in a room and get the shoot done. One of the challenges in capturing the video was also to have quite a lot of dark moody shots so the video filters could really fill in the contrast. I remember it really took a long time for us to get it right. Once the aesthetics were in place, we wrapped up the video in less than two hours.

Who did you guys work with in creating the video and whose idea was it to have the Mötley Crüe intro?

Our filmmaker friend Geetansh Aggarwal had just experienced what is the most rock n’ roll movie we’ve all seen in a long time – Motley Crue’s documentary, The Dirt. Hugely inspired by the character arc and storyline, he pitched us a concept for a music video we all immediately liked.

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The video has been completely shot and edited by Geetansh and it was his idea to include that totally rad intro. The video has come out absolutely beautiful, and the thing we liked most as a band is how visually non-conforming the idea has been from its conception to execution. It’s almost a tribute to one of the greatest bands in the world.

Tell me about what the song is about?

The song ‘Blackout’ recaptures the events of one fateful night when the protagonist of this story had an apparent blackout from drinking too much. What started as an ordinary meetup among friends, turned into a night of absolute chaos and drunken debauchery. The song explains how the evening derailed slowly, from calling in favors at two in the morning because things got really out of hand. It’s a fun jam with a catchy hook on the chorus that keeps things interesting for the listeners.

Sonically, the track is quite similar to Foo Fighters‘ “Wind Up” — were you guys aware of this?

Wow, I absolutely had no clue something like this existed! Wish I could hit some of those ultra-raspy notes Dave Grohl properly excels at!

What’s next for the band?

Next up is a visualizer we created for one of our most loved and listened to tracks, ‘Secrets.’ It’s a very ASMR meets lo-fi-study-beat music video and we can’t wait to get it out!

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Watch the video for “Blackout” below:

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