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Exclusive Premiere: Goa Trip-Hop Act Go Commando’s Sparkling New Song ‘Summer Snow’

Bassist-producer Satish Sridhar, part of alternative act Gumbal, calls on guitarist Siddharth Shankar for the groovy track

Anurag Tagat Jun 18, 2020

Goa-based trip-hop artist Go Commando aka Satish Sridhar. Photo: Ashwin Bhatia/The Humming Tree

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A few years of learning and tinkering with music-making program Ableton and bassist-producer Satish Sridhar was more or less ready to launch his solo project Go Commando, whose new song “Summer Snow” is out with an animated music video today. “I started seriously recording stuff in 2019 jamming at home with my wife Manon Gingold,” he says.

Exploring electronic spaces with layering and tempo changes that recalls trip-hop, “Summer Snow” features a sample from a speech about chimps and silken guitar lines from Mumbai-based guitarist Siddharth Shankar. The name of the project, although somewhat cheeky, is Sridhar’s way of summing up the sounds he’s crafting. It’s a reflection of the kind of music I wish to make, chill-easy-trip-hoppy-groovy music to listen to in your pajamas and nothing else. A headphone party for yourself, if you may.”

Sridhar – who is also part of Mumbai alternative/space rock band Gumbal – launched his first EP Colour in March, featuring Gingold on vocals, but “Summer Snow” is entirely instrumental. He says about the difference in his projects, “Go Commando has a very specific purpose of me discovering the full spectrum of music production.” Gingold created illustrations and sketches that form the visuals for “Summer Snow.”

There are more singles in the works with this project, even as Sridhar and his Gumbal co-founder Arjun Iyer wrap up their forthcoming album Songs From the Muck. Sridhar adds, “Hopefully after that I’ll have more content out with more amazing musicians.”

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Watch the video for “Summer Snow” below.

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