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Exclusive Premiere: Half Human x Half Nature Debut with Serene Single ‘Flow’

The track also features Pune hip-hop artist Slimey Slimm

David Britto Nov 05, 2020

Himachal Pradesh-based duo Half Human X Half Nature. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After her debut album Noises in My Head released two years ago, singer-songwriter Kalyaani Sakkarwal went on a road trip to Odisha. That’s when the then Mumbai-based artist decided that she didn’t want to live in a big city anymore. She says, “Never been a city person really, they are just experiences for me.”

Sakkarwal moved to the mountains in Bir in Himachal Pradesh, where she grew up and found solace not only in her way of life but also with music. It was at Himanchal Pradesh that the singer-songwriter got acquainted with producer KM and the two hit it off. “I have been a fan of KM’s work,” says Sakkarwal. With KM also deciding to settle in Bir, the musicians thought of it to be a no brainer to join forces and formed a duo called Half Human x Half Nature. The pair are now out with their debut single, the soothing “Flow.”

Half Human x Half Nature’s approach to their music is keeping things minimal and retaining the soundscape that surrounds them. “Everything is always alive around us and nothing is ever extra,” says Sakkarwal. “Flow” features ambient production, a subtle but memorable guitar refrain, Sakkarwal’s weathered vocals as well as a verse by Pune hip-hop artist Slimey Slimm. “We will work with humans who are doing incredible work in their fields with nature as their muse just like us. In a way we are trying to sing the songs of nature,” says the singer-songwriter.

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The new track was recorded and produced out of Half Human x Half Nature’s home studio. That’s where the pair are also working on their full-length debut album, due to release next year. “We are a team of two and we utilize our skills accordingly,” says Sakkarwal. She adds, “We have a lot of other plans, but they will unfold when the time comes, rest assured a lot is waiting to be out. One song at a time.”

While the artists are also working on their own solo material, their main focus right now is Half Human x Half Nature. They are also planning on setting up a studio to help local talent as well as traveling artists who need a space to record. “We want to create solutions as a team for new talent or humans who need support. Half Human x Half Nature is a state of mind for the respect we have for this planet and how kind and giving it is while it changes seasons for only reasons,” says the musician.

Watch the video for “Flow” below:

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