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Exclusive Premiere: Hear Mutiny in March’s Knockout New Single ‘F*ck That Noise’

The Gurugram hardcore band rope in Siliguri vocalist Pritam Goswami Adhikary for their new single

Anurag Tagat Jul 06, 2018

Mutiny in March collaborate with Siliguri vocalist Pritam Goswami Adhikary on "F*ck That Noise." Photo: Nishit Sharma (Mutiny in March); Matilal Photography (Adhikary)

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When Delhi NCR/Bengaluru hardcore band Mutiny in March went in to record with Pune-based guitarist-producer Adhiraj Singh (from metallers Noiseware), they found themselves spread out even further than before. Vocalist Gaurav Basnet moved to Vietnam and they were tasked with finding a new voice for their single “F*ck That Noise.”

The band called on Siliguri-based throat shredder Pritam Goswami Adhikary (from metallers Aarlon and more) after coming across his numerous covers, ranging from rockers Linkin Park to metal band Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH). Bassist Jatin Chhabra says, “I saw his cover for a BMTH song and I was like ”˜Fuck this is it. This’ll totally work out for us till the time Gaurav is away.’ I dropped him a text, found out we have very similar interests. And then we used to talk once in a while before I finally asked him if he could do this song with us.”

Adhikary, who started out as a vocalist experimenting with black metal shrieks and thrash metal shouts, says he’s developed a certain sense of tonality which fit right in with this love for post-hardcore and metalcore. He says, “It took me almost a month to hit and fix the final phrasing. I was thinking about how to make the chorus sound more melodic yet powerful, like something that grows on you.” His gravelly scream is the one that opens “F*ck That Noise,” a dissonant, razor-sharp pulverizing number that recalls metalcore band Architects as well as American hardcore/metal act Stray From the Path.

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Written even earlier than their 2017 release “The Heart Is Mended But The Scars Still Show,” the latest single was primarily fleshed out by guitarist Shoumitro Roy, working alongside co-guitarist Aditya Bali. Roy adds that there were “significant contributions” to the song structure made by drummer Sarthak Saxena. “Our writing process is still very organic as compared to other bands,” says Roy, adding that an EP is shaping up as their next release.

Listen to “F*ck That Noise” below. Visual production: Abhijeet Banerjee, model: Shruti Wagh.

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