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Exclusive Premiere: Hear Pune Producer Katoptris’ New Lo-Fi Single ‘Take The Pill’

The artist draws from his experience with depression on the song

David Britto Oct 21, 2020

Pune producer-singer Katoptris. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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21-year-old Pune producer-singer Faizal Jamadar aka Katoptris began releasing bass music initially but soon had the urge to experiment with other genres. Inspired by fellow indie artists such as Dropped Out, Three Oscillators, Kovsky and Kaxi, Katoptris looked towards playing around with R&B, lo-fi and ambient music. “It really excited me to try out this whole new side,” he says. The artist is now out with his latest offering, the downtempo “Take The Pill.”

The new song stems from Jamadar’s battle with depression and how it can make one feel guilty for being diagnosed with it. “They feel to be a burden to someone knowing that they have these problems,” says the producer. He adds, “It was hard enough for me to speak about what I experienced that time, so instead I just wrote it all down.” The song features a heavy lo-fi beat, warm percussion parts and Katoptris’ first pop at vocals. He says, “I never really expected myself to sing. I think it was more of a ‘what the hell, let’s see what happens’ moment.”

Throughout the pandemic, Katoptris has been putting the work into making new music and even started writing lyrics in Hindi and Urdu. He’s got a few collaborations in the pipeline and is also producing music for Kovsky’s upcoming releases. There’s also a new Katoptris song set to drop next month. “Super excited for what’s coming next,” he says.

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Stream “Take The Pill” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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