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Exclusive Premiere: Hear Singer-Songwriter Mali’s Acoustic-Pop Debut EP ‘Rush’

The Mumbai-based vocalist-guitarist’s five-track record showcases everything from losing friends to breakups to moving cities

David Britto Jan 27, 2017
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Mali. Photo: Soumya Iyer, ‘Rush’ Album Artwork: Lara Saluja

In September last year, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Maalavika Manoj released her delightful single “Dreaming.” Since then, the Chennai-born musician who goes by the moniker Mali has had an eventful past year, playing at the Shillong and Pune editions of Bacardi NH7 Weekender, club gigs throughout the country and even managed to play a set at a restaurant in Bangkok. The young singer-songwriter is now back with her latest release, her debut EP Rush

The common thread running through the five-track EP is about moving from one place to another. “The whole theme of the album is about the process of giving up other things to pursue the thing you love the most and getting a rush from it,” says Mali. Sonically, Rush falls into the general amicable acoustic-pop category. “Synth-pop is my guilty pleasure,” jokes Mali. She adds, “Some of those classic keyboard sounds find their way into the EP.”

The opening song on the EP, “Poor Girl’s Dream,” is about the singer-songwriter embracing her identity after moving from Chennai to Mumbai, “Changed Situations” expresses the loss of a friendship and “whoever is meant to stay will,” according to Mali. The title track of the EP likens love to a drug; how one can get addicted and keep going back to it. “Dreaming” also finds its way onto the record, which invokes the singer-songwriter’s childhood experiences. The fifth track “Sooner Or Later” is about looking at a breakup from a positive perspective.

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Rush was recorded at Mumbai’s Cotton Press Studio with Stuart DaCosta on bass, Jehangir Jehangir on drums, Tejas Menon on guitar and Mali on keyboard and vocals. The EP was mixed by Jehangir and then sent to 360 Mastering’s Dave Turner in the U.K.

Mali explains that the music released in this day and age is overproduced and auto-tuned. “Everything is starting to sound like a plastic mess,” she says, adding that the people who will appreciate Rush are those that like their music as close to a live recording as possible.

There is also no official launch gig planned as of yet, although Mali is hoping to tour the country in the coming months to promote Rush. Up next, Mali, a passionate animal rights and welfare supporter, wants to combine her interests. “Maybe the next step for me is to combine my music with my love for animals,” she says.

Listen to ”˜Rush’ below. Buy the EP on OKListen.



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