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Exclusive Premiere: Hear Wide Octaves’ Bass-Drenched Debut EP ‘Losing My Mind’

The producer explores ambient sounds and hallucinatory synth inspired by Mumbai on the two-track release

Riddhi Chakraborty Feb 25, 2017
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Wide Octaves makes his debut as a solo artist with ‘Losing My Mind.’

We can tell that Mumbai producer Vineeth Jay aka Wide Octaves has had his share of jostling for space in a crowded train. His debut two-track EP Losing My Mind suggests that, and we’re not just talking about the title. He says, “Everything is happening and changing at lightning speed, people are running, hustling”¦ And you’re standing still, in between this chaos.”

Following a successful live debut with hip-hop collective Dreamteam (led by rapper Enkore aka Ankur Johar) last year, Jay began prepping material. “I always wanted to do something on my own, make my own identity,” he says, adding that although he has worked in music production since 2012, it was usually freelancing in collaboration with other artists and for projects that weren’t his.

Filled with thrumming bass lines, robotic vocals and oscillating ticks, “Traces” and the title track “Losing My Mind” communicate a hazy, almost dream-like atmosphere. Mastered by Ohio-based producer Chris Graham, Losing My Mind also features elements of retro-futurism, inducing the almost impossible feeling of what it could be like to travel through space. “It’s like you are in between a galaxy filled with sonic elements, stars and planets revolving and moving around you,” Jay says. “It’s kind of a trippy feeling.”

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After debuting the tracks at Dreamteam’s Terminal 2 show (T2) in November last year, the reception was more than welcoming. The producer plans on releasing more singles and a couple of collaborative tracks with Dreamteam, which also comprises Enkore, trap producer DJ Sinista aka Anish Ramnath, guitarist Bone Broke aka Dinkar Dwivedi and Mumbai-based rappers D’evil aka Dhaval Parab and BLUnt aka Rahul Dhande. It is also possible that the year will see a full-length album. “It will be slow and gradual,” Jay is quick to add, however. “I don’t want to rush it,”

While he does not want to be genre-specific, Jay says his future releases will continue the tone Losing My Mind has set. “With Wide Octaves, it’s about downtempo, chill”¦ groovy kind of textures. A liquid feel,” Jay says about his overall sound as an artist. “It’s what I always had in mind and loved producing.”

Click here to download Wide Octaves’ debut EP ‘Losing My Mind’ or stream it below:


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