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Exclusive Premiere: Hindi Metal Band Aarlon’s New Single ‘Haiwan’

The New Delhi metallers delve into the dark psyche and hopelessness of the human condition on their second single

Anurag Tagat Aug 03, 2017

About a year ago, a night traveling in New Delhi for guitarist Ritwik Shivam served as a grim reminder of humanity at its most base. A taxi driver had his gaze upon a female co-passenger and when they disembarked, Shivam saw a street fight ensue over car parking.

The guitarist shared his story with his bandmates in Hindi rock/metal act Aarlon, including lyricist-guitarist Piyush Rana, who turned it into their seething second single “Haiwan.”

Shivam says the song ”“ the follow-up to their debut single “Tu Meri Maut” ”“ aims to project the “darkest sides of life, so that when the people get overwhelmed by the darker realities,” they will look within and then come up wise and strong. He adds, “They will make world a better place to live in.”

“Haiwan” artwork by Medha Gaurav

Aarlon, who came together last year, roped in Siliguri-based vocalist Pritam Goswami Adhikary to lend his powerhouse gravelly vocals to their mix of alt rock and modern metal. The band says it’s been “exhausting and frustrating” to find their footing in the Indian metal circuit, but have gained from adding Adhikary in the band.

The vocalist ”“ whom the band found after his popular covers of songs by metal bands such as Pantera and Slipknot ”“ says all of Aarlon’s songs will touch upon socio-political and socio-economic settings. He says, “Being raised in a slum, I never got to taste luxury and I have seen life and hardships from a point-blank range. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons I somehow found heavy metal when I was 17 years. I find solace in screaming my guts out.”

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“Haiwan,” whose music video follows a restless dungeon dweller repenting for “humanity’s sins,” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Karan Singh and Aditya Paul (from fellow Hindi metal band Warwan) at Destiny Studios in New Delhi. There are at least two more singles in the works, with a plan to release music every two months. Up next, the band is working on a alt rock/metal song tentatively titled “Tasveer,” due in October.

Aarlon featured image courtesy of the artist.


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