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Exclusive Premiere: Home Brewed Universe Pairs Doom with Prog on ‘Alignment of the Voyager’

The Hyderabad-based instrumental artist’s upcoming album ‘Triah’ focuses on the search for companionship

Anurag Tagat Jan 08, 2022

Hyderabad instrumental artist Home Brewed Universe aka Arka Sengupta. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Trust an indulgent, razor-sharp riff writer like Arka Sengupta to draw out a Sci-Fi, fantastical concept about a person’s universe-probing search for companionship for his project Home Brewed Universe. But there’s a starker ground reality which the artist was inspired by for his latest album Triah.

He says in a statement that it stemmed from his “personal experiences while he traversed through matrimonial websites in search of a life partner.” He adds, “The album tries to act as a soundtrack to some traumatic experiences [I] had in 2020.”

Although the artist doesn’t reveal more, it’s fair to say that matters of the heart can always evoke important emotions. Sengupta channels his thoughts like he’s always been doing since launching Home Brewed Universe in 2018 — through the filter of darker, sometimes more intense prog and metal hues. The prolific project — Triah is Sengupta’s eighth album (including the cover album Cover Chronicles) — gets even heavier with its lead single “Alignment of the Voyager.”

Bursts of riffs go over dexterously programmed drums, while a signature ambient layer of keys hovers, as Sengupta journeys in and out of sonic movements which seemingly borrow from bands like Tool, Porcupine Tree and their ilk. The song is accompanied by an eerie music video that shows a variety of individuals — from a woman with a megaphone to a man experiencing sonic waves and another person performing for the camera under ultraviolet light and projected visuals.

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Triah — which has already had two songs “Eternal Atom” and “Blood Moon” released — will be out on January 28th. Sengupta adds about the album, “We, as human beings, are wired to search for companionship. Even if we experience pain and suffering in the course of our search, we almost always don’t give up. Triah focuses, thematically, on a person’s search for companionship which takes him across worlds, timelines and universes. Each song of the album focuses on a particular experience the person has while traversing through universes and timelines in search someone who would stand by him no matter what the circumstances.”

Watch the video for “Alignment of the Voyager” below. Pre-order ‘Triah’ here.

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