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Exclusive Premiere: Imcha Imchen Gets Angsty on Breakup Track ‘Sinner’

The Mumbai/Kohima singer-songwriter’s latest release is a rock tinged pop earworm

Jessica Xalxo Feb 14, 2020

Imchen’s silky vocals tell a tale of repeated reconciliation on 'Sinner.' Photo: Courtesy of artist

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When Kohima/Mumbai singer-songwriter Imcha Imchen first began working on his Valentine’s day drop “Sinner,” it was the summer of 2018 and the artist had been on the mend after a romantic breakup. “I had a lot going on in my mind and I had to put those thoughts into melodies,” he says. Paired with a music video, the single’s release had been pushed for a while with Imchen trying to “enhance the track” and “gather feedback” before it dropped. “I’ve never waited this long to release a song,” he says. More than a year later, the melodies were set on the right collision course and the artist knew it was time. 

The track is markedly different from Imchen’s previous releases, the piano led ballad “Moving On” and the dreamy synth pop track “3:00 AM.” He tells us that his fascination with pop music led him to go in a different direction with the song. 

Imchen’s silky vocals tell a tale of repeated reconciliation on “Sinner” and the breakup song floats over rumbling guitar riffs and sparkling synth melodies. The boomy production pairs well with the agitated emotion of the lyrics and “Sinner” emerges as a rock tinged pop earworm.

According to the singer-songwriter, the track is incomplete without the music video. Imchen travelled back to his hometown Kohima to shoot it because he wanted to work with Nagaland filmmaker Sanen Kichu (of San Production) who also filmed the artist’s first music video. “We think alike and when there’s a certain connection between two individuals, the workflow is smooth,” he says. The visuals in the music video for “Sinner” play with contrasts and delve into the scene of two people breaking up, interspersed with memories from their past. Imchen asked a friend, Anezao, to feature in the clip alongside him and says that “their connection makes the romance seem more real” in the video. 

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Ask the artist about what he has in store for listeners in 2020 and he says, “I’ll let ‘Sinner’ breathe for some time but expect a few more releases after a couple of months. Two music videos are already in the pipeline.” He further adds, “This year is my year. I’m excited about all that I have in store for y’all!”

Watch the music video for ‘Sinner’ below:

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