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Exclusive Premiere: Jwala Collective’s Lush New Compilation

‘Flow’ features eight new tracks from some of the youngest producers across the country, including Sparkle & Fade, zzz and Murane Athma

Anurag Tagat Sep 28, 2017

Jwala's 'Flow' compilation features eight new tracks featuring upcoming producers from Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. Artwork: Ayush Jajoria

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Now on their fourth release, electronic artist collective Jwala are making all the right moves to be heard ”“ playing gigs in rotation in Mumbai and Pune, as well as pushing artists who are clearly more about the music than social media presence.

According to the collective, it’s the magic of the inbox. Says producer and co-founder Brij Dalvi, “Most of the artists in our compilations have emerged from demos in the mail. We’ve been lucky to have some amazing artists send us incredible demos that otherwise would’ve taken too long to see the light of day in such a closely-knit scene.”

Their eight-track compilation called Flow features beatsmiths and bedroom producers from Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru ”“ who all seem to bring wavy, soothing tunes to the table. Whether it’s loops by Mitochondria, TRODD or Jwala’s co-founders zzz (Dalvi), Omniphat (featuring Karan Kanchan, Harshit Richhariya and Abhinav Runiwal) and Sparkle & Fade (Palash Kothari). While everyone’s got easygoing tunes, Flow only changes when Bengaluru producer Murane Athma a.k.a. M.K. Abhilash’s Kannada-sampled chiptune-inspired glitchy electronica.

The collective say they can’t really pick any one song or producer as their favorite, as long as they’re all getting heard. Dalvi adds, “Jwala 004 maintains this ethos of bringing some truly undiscovered talent within the Indian music spectrum, and as usual, we do our best to make them heard by our peers and listeners.”

Listen to ‘Flow’ below

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