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Exclusive Premiere: Man.Goes Human’s Trippy 3D Video for ‘Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses’

Their 2017 song gets an all new version, fresh from promoting their feature in action flick ‘Extraction’

Anurag Tagat May 28, 2020

New Delhi alt band Man.Goes Human. Photo: Rachita Saharan

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In 2018, amidst sand dunes at Ragasthan Festival and what New Delhi band Man.Goes Human recounts as “a surreal landscape and a perfect dreamy setting,” they added to the mood by performing their smoothest, psychedelic ambient song “Moonglasses.” Bassist Shitij Gulati says, “We witnessed a sandstorm in the middle of our performance then too, all was paused and then we resumed.”

The song, originally part of their 2017 EP of the same name, gets a reworking with vocalist Kaprila Keishing and is now called “Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses.” The accompanying 3D video is a shapeshifting visual piece created by Bengaluru artist, animator and videographer Svojas Chari aka Goji. Chari says he resonated with the track and also set out with a palette of a “space vibe with pastel colors.” The six-and-a-half-minute track is a visual playground, bringing out freaky figures and seemingly sentient sphere-like objects. Keishing adds, “We all had to wrack our brains quite a lot to make the first animation render for this, and then the video kind of moved along nicely. The video is made in parts reflecting the mood of the track, if you notice. We’re glad we all got this one over the line.”

The release comes just as the band had marked their appearance on Netflix action film Extraction, where they got a bit role and had their song “No See” used during the end credits and as part of the original soundtrack. Turns out that the video for “Moonglasses,” however, was in the works since late 2018. Guitarist Sharan Gulati says, “Due to a lot of unforeseen delays and clashes with tour dates, plus uncertainty around Extraction release dates, we planned to postpone the release. Finally we release it after refreshing a few things, also reflecting the new lineup of the band.”

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Watch the video for “Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses” below.

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