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Exclusive Premiere: Bengaluru Artist Meg and The Miracles’ Powerful Pop Debut ‘Find My Way’

Nine-year-old singer-songwriter Megan Rakesh talks about working with producer Jaicko Lawrence and Aaron Sarkar and finding fans around the world

Anurag Tagat Oct 13, 2021

Bengaluru singer-songwriter Megan Rakesh from Meg and the Miracles.

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Megan Rakesh, all of nine years old, is talking about her songwriting process and how meditation helps her. “I have some time where I meditate and immediately after, I find a calm space to write,” she says. Parents Rakesh V.G. and Anne are on the call as well and quickly realize they have some explaining to do about how their singer-songwriter daughter picked up meditation.

Anne says, “She’s a huge Alicia Keys fan. She wanted to read her book for a long time, More Myself. She came across a different way to write lyrics and Alicia Keys talks about meditation and how it gets the thought out. That’s been quite an inspiration for Megan. She’s been meditating for the past month or so.”

Rakesh, from Bengaluru rock band Out Of Office, says that Megan is ever the hyperactive person but meditation has perhaps made her calmer. “Dad actually laughed at me when I was standing on one leg,” Megan says, causing her parents to break into laughter.

Right from the time she says hello to talking about the six-hour recording session for her debut single “Find My Way,” it becomes clear that Megan is made for music. While her parents appropriately recount anecdotes with pride about how she’s always loved music (Megan told her lower kindergarten teacher she wanted to be a singer), Megan has been proving it to the world over the last couple of years.

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With her and Rakesh’s act Meg and The Miracles, they entered Instagram live talent shows in the U.K. and the U.S., building a global audience right from late last year. Among her early fans was American pop-rock band X Ambassadors’ vocalist Sam Harris, for whom Megan sang Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” at the age of eight.

In less than a year, she found fans in Alicia Keys (who shared Megan’s cover of “Fallin’”), pop singer Shontelle Layne and thousands more. Megan recalls about finding a mentor of sorts in Shontelle, “I put out a Reel of her song ‘Impossible’ and she actually commented with the heart eye emoji and I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s Shontelle!’ She really loved it when I sang and I was so happy, she was so sweet and sent me a voice message.”

Her connect with Shontelle and continued crack at talent shows led to the creation of “Find My Way,” which was pieced together by Megan and her parents after going through her lyric diary. Rapper-songwriter and producer Aaron Sarkar and pop producer and singer-songwriter Jaicko Lawrence from Barbados were taken in by Megan’s voice, leading to them remotely producing the dreamy pop tune that’s “Find My Way.” It’s acommpanied by a bright music video put together by Josh Starks, featuring Megan singing in a park as well as her friends and fans breaking into a jig from around the world.

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Meg and the Miracles do have shows coming up both virtual and on-ground in Bengaluru and more songs to release as well. She says cheerfully, “I feel so thankful and blessed and excited.”

Watch the music video for “Find My Way” below.

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