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Exclusive Premiere: Mohit Mukhi Trio’s Bittersweet New Music Video

The Mumbai-based group piece together archival footage to tell the story of a soldier looking back on his life on “Are We Where We Want To Be”

Riddhi Chakraborty Jun 07, 2017
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Post the release of his solo debut album Running Shoes And A Thousand Dreams last year, Mumbai-based musician Mohit Mukhi is back with a fresh single as part of a new trio. Mohit Mukhi Trio features Mukhi on vocals and guitars, Heather Andrews on vocals and strings and Rahul Wadhwani on keyboards. 

The music video for “Are We Where We Want To Be” is pieced together entirely with archival footage from the Thirties and Forties and it tells the story of a soldier looking back on his youth when he witnessed the unfolding of the Second World War. 

Mukhi says, “Initially, I was a little skeptical because the song is pretty delicate, but it just worked for me when I watched some archival footage over it,” He adds, “The moment I heard the drums come in, I pictured black-and-white images of bombs and explosion.”

The video was made in collaboration with Mumbai-based filmmaker Suvajeet Duttagupta aka Lucid Illusions. Mukhi explains that while the video has a basic narrative, he does want viewers to have their own takeway “I suppose it would be fair to say a lot of it is implied,” Mukhi says. “I prefer it when people can watch something and have their own interpretation as opposed me feeding them my recipe and shoving it down their throats.”

[L-R] Heather Andrews, Mohit Mukhi and Rahul Wadhwani of the Mohit Mukhi Trio. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

[L-R] Heather Andrews, Mohit Mukhi and Rahul Wadhwani of the Mohit Mukhi Trio. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The bittersweet track is almost lullaby-like in its composition but its lyrics are more melancholic, focusing on nostalgia and unfulfilled dreams. The presence of gentle acoustic guitars and pristine  harmonies between Mukhi and Andrews were a result of chance, but presented the group with a true example of the group’s ability to put together tracks spontaneously. “Once the song was done I took it to a rehearsal, played it on the acoustic guitar and sang it through and Heather was instantly humming it,” recalls Mukhi. “I heard her sing it with a child-like innocence and bring out that quality of a lullaby, so we decided to turn it into a duet.” He adds that it was Wadhwani who came up with the realistic arrangement for “Are We Where We Want To Be,” making it a great song to perform live.

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Mohit Mukhi Trio consider “Are We Where We Want To Be” their first official release as a band and are currently working on an album which they plan to release later this year.

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