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Exclusive Premiere: Moli’s Thrilling, Psychedelic Three-Part Song ’12 Ways I See Myself’

The multi-instrumentalist also turns director for a journeying film, with the sonics playing out like a rock opera

Anurag Tagat Jan 14, 2022

Moli. Photo: Anandi Ray

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Guns, deserted rooms, melting foliage and an iguana all make an appearance in Gurugram-based multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic artist Moli’s new music video for “12 Ways I See Myself.”

Described as the third installment in his upcoming “film concept album” Retrogression Progression, the eight and a half minute track plays out with reverie-like visuals and mind-expanding sounds to boot. Finding a narrative space between intentionally schizophrenic and introspective, Moli is seen behind a piano singing but also unravels a story backward – he’s on the hunt for someone and is eventually drawn to battle in a way that’s entirely psychological.

In his statement, Moli says the self-directed music video and song tap into “the part that most are afraid to accept and realize.” He adds, “’12 Ways’ is written about the acceptance of one’s own darkness and unconventionalities through not knowing one’s own self initially, the image of the self being blurred, forming into strength with the discovery of the self. Often human beings run from their truth and fear the unknown, but where will you run when the unknown is within? Eventually, you will have to stand up and face your own darkness, coming to terms with the self that was earlier illusionary.”

As someone who lived through mild brain mania, “12 Ways” is also rooted in the artist’s childhood, when he was sometimes unable to differentiate between hallucination and reality. “This song is a journey within to find the self that’s hidden in the hesitations of the societal human,” he adds.

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Sonically, the track borrows a bit from the theatricality of rock opera songwriting but also stays floating in the psych-rock and electronic realms, recalling the likes of My Morning Jacket, The Flaming Lips and others. Tune in below.

Watch the video for “12 Ways I See Myself” below.

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