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Exclusive Premiere: Rapper Morethanray’s Imposing New Song ‘Lost’

Hip-hop artist Rahul Singh, bred in Montreal and currently in New Delhi, calls on go-to producer Iconyk for his latest release

Anurag Tagat Sep 20, 2020

New Delhi hip-hop artist Morethanray aka Rahul Singh. Photo: Karishma Bedi

It’s natural for hip-hop artist Morethanray aka Rahul Singh to allude to being an independent artist, Louboutin shoes and American basketball coach John Calipari all in one rollercoaster song like “Lost.”

He says, “The end goal is to get as many people as possible to relate to your message and what you’re saying. These pop culture references are a way to work that relatability into my lyrics; it’s a natural process.” 

The latest from the Montreal-bred New Delhi-based artist, Morethanray teams up once again with producer Iconyk aka Nikhil Malik for a banger of a new track. The pair had previously worked on singles such as “Vibes” and “Gone.” They get together so well that the rapper wonders out loud if it’s possible that their ears are “organically connected.”

He adds that their processes are more than just collaborative. “The entire project was recorded together in Bombay over the course of a week, where we were equally hands-on regarding most elements on the tracks. Since we have such a good connection when it comes to the music, he would send me beats he thought would work for me, knowing the direction I had in mind for the project, and I’d find my verses that fit best with what he would share and vice-versa,” Singh says.

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On this new track, Morethanray brings together a towering level of confidence over ominous production from Iconyk, even though he’s talking about loss and how “mindset is everything.” He explains in a statement, “You need to stay true to yourself, tune out our naysayers, and continue to defy the odds until the point that everyone begins to trust in your vision.”

While the visuals for “Lost” show a car zooming through the night with lyrics flashing, the rapper confirms that one of his his next singles will have a music video. “We have a lot of exciting stuff planned from now until December,” he says. 

Listen to “Lost” below. The song is out on all platforms on September 21st.