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Exclusive Premiere: Natania’s New Electro-Pop Single ‘Muscle Memory’

The L.A.-based singer-songwriter’s latest offering charts the phantom pull of reaching out to lost love

Jessica Xalxo May 24, 2019

L.A. based singer-songwriter Natania brings her signature relatability to her latest track “Muscle Memory.” Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Natania Lalwani (who goes by her first name) is not one to stay still. Since the onset of the year, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has penned a copious amount of tracks for the soundtrack of the Amazon Prime show Four More Shots Please! and has written and sung the Spotify “Now In India” ad track. We’re close to hitting the mid-year mark and the musician doesn’t seem to be pulling the breaks. Since releasing her bubbly pop single “Yellow Lights” last year, Natania has been spending a considerable amount of time in the studio, creating more pop goodness and “letting out each emotion and song — one at a time.” The first of these offerings is the intensely relatable electro-pop track, “Muscle Memory.”

Love takes center stage in Natania’s music. The way she sees it, the feeling is tethered to countless emotions, making it insanely liberating for her to be transparent about something so personal. “Muscle Memory” was born in the wee hours one morning, out of an unbidden yearning of the heart that made her pick up the phone and call someone she shouldn’t have been ringing — even as logic dictated otherwise. “I thought of the idea of ‘Muscle Memory’ because the truth was in that moment, it was just a habit that I had built from repetition,” the singer-songwriter says.

The day dawned and Natania found herself in the studio with “Kissing Mouths” collaborator Not Famous and L.A. producer James Gutch. The song, released by Amsterdam label ATLAST, was written and recorded in the timeframe of an evening, over a session which the musician describes as magical. “Muscle Memory” opens with a catchy bass and drum patch interspersed by the wah pedal which forms the riff for the entire song. As she belts, “Bought those doctors martens/I sublet my apartment,” the song’s chorus ushers in an interlude where it gives way to a silky tranquility. The synth then gets amped up, leading to an ascension of beats that dissolve into an electronica fusion bridge.

“I think the idea of trying to do everything possible to keep yourself busy and move on from someone but still having that moment of muscle memory wanting them back is something we can all resonate with and I hope people can connect to it with their own experiences,” says Natania. The singer-songwriter is happy to expand in the genre of pop as she sees no boundaries to it. “You could add country to a pop song or trap and it just expands the sound and gives the listener something fresh,” she says.

Natania plans to release an EP later in the year and listeners can expect to find her quotidian relatability in the new batch of songs. “I think by making your songwriting personal you automatically make it universal. We all go through the same things, emotions and situations as human beings, so in my opinion, the moment you are authentic with what you are writing, the moment it will connect with other people and it becomes universal,” she explains.

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