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Exclusive Premiere: New Delhi Rockers Mocaine’s Animated New Video ‘’97’

The band dreams in black and white on the song off their latest EP ‘Portrait of Dalí’

Anurag Tagat Mar 01, 2019

New Delhi rock band Mocaine are out with a new animated video for “’97.”

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No matter the length musicians go to be as vivid as possible in their verses, it seems like it can all be brought to life with the help of animation. At least such is the case for New Delhi rock band Mocaine’s new music video for the track “’97.”

Animated by Hyderabad-based illustrator Maharshi Gautam, every cryptic and open-ended lyric delivered by Mocaine’s Amrit Mohan in a Cobain-esque manner gets the spotlight. Interestingly, the video’s storyboard is created by the band’s former bassist Kartik Mahon. Amrit says about the video, “Our specifics for this one only went as far as ”˜we can’t shoot a real video for this, given the abstract subject matter and our slacker parents’ ‘lack of coffers.’ Gautam took the reigns on this one, and we’re glad for it.”

The grunge-toned, melancholic track covers thoughts of paranoia and claustrophobia, recalling the boundaryless imagination of a child. Off their 2018 EP Portrait of Dali, Amrit says they’ve received “pretty insightful feedback” to the record so far from different corners, including a YouTube channel called Make Grunge Great Again.

Responding to the fact that the channel has uploaded Mocaine tracks to YouTube, Amrit jokingly says he’s going to make “MGGA hats.” He says about forthcoming plans, “A full-length album in August, featuring celebrities that will put us on the map!”

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