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Exclusive Premiere: Singapore Artist Nidhi Chacko Sings for Self-Belief in ‘Sleep At Night’ Video

The song is a follow-up to the Kerala-born singer-songwriter and producer’s 2016 EP ‘Super Magic Fairy Wings’

Anurag Tagat Jun 30, 2022

Singapore-based singer-songwriter Nidhi Chacko.

Writing music from as early as 2005, Singapore-based, Kerala-born pop artist Nidhi Chacko released her debut EP Super Magic Fairy Wings in 2016, showcasing a melodramatic pop and rock sound informed by the likes of Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and Linkin Park.

A creative and psychological downturn occurred, however, when she joined music school. Although she prefers to keep away from specific details of the school, Chacko says it was nothing like what she’d wanted. “Students and teachers went out of their way to put me down, tell me how bad I am, and that I should quit. I thought that nothing in the world would make me quit, but this did. So I left,” she says.

It was around then that she also empathized with a friend who was going through difficult times, leading to her song “Sleep At Night.” Retaining her cinematic sense of pop with strings, electronic beats and piano, Chacko sings not only for her friend but also for herself and anyone going through a journey of self-doubt. Invoking fantastical lyrics right out of a Disney movie, her vocals drive the point home. Although it was in the works for nearly six years, Chacko picked back up on “Sleep At Night” in earnest during the pandemic in early 2020. She says, “I started singing the song to myself when I was feeling sad. It just reminded me that I can be there for myself and help myself. This helped me to start doing music again, just to make myself happy.”

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“Sleep At Night” follows her early 2022 single “Love Drunk,” both of which were produced remotely in Italy at Holophonica Studios. The music video created by Alrick C. Films sees Chacko both in the midst of anguish as well as her better days, performing the song after gaining the necessary courage.

Watch the video for “Sleep At Night” below.