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Exclusive Premiere: Composer Nishant Singh Teams Up with Singers Utkarsh Sharma and Neelasree Basu for ‘Kho Jaate Hai’

The fusion-pop love song is the fourth single from New Delhi artist and theater professional

Anurag Tagat Dec 03, 2021

Producer Vaibhav Singh, singer Utkarsh Sharma, composer Nishant Singh and vocalist Neelasree Basu come together on "Kho Jaate Hai." Photos: Courtesy of the artist

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Whether you think of the bolt-from-the-blue energy of Shubha Mudgal’s “Ab Ke Saawan” or the recently remade (and somewhat maligned) “Tip Tip Barsa Paani” or A.R. Rahman’s “Barso Re,” rain songs are about as inescapable as, well, rain itself. Even right now in various parts of India.

New Delhi composer Nishant Singh adds to the canon with his own song of romance for a rainy day, with the release of his new single “Kho Jaate Hai.” He says about the track, “I feel rain has been a very important part of our Indian songs and this is my take on rain and romance, where the couple is looking for love and a state of trance.”

Bringing together New Delhi singer Utkarsh Sharma and Jalpaiguri vocalist Neelasree Basu, Singh says the track intends to “take you on a sensual romantic ride and is about a newly dating couple exploring more of their love and romance on a rainy day.” With an assist from go-to producer Vaibhav Singh, the tender, cinematic “Kho Jaate Hai” bears all the flourishes of a Bollywood song, except that the collaborators choose subtlety and warmth over the usually melodramatic elements of Indian film soundtracks. It culminates in an EDM-style drop, adding to the brightness of the track. The music video for “Kho Jaate Hai” also offers animated, interpretive dance.

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Although Singh has worked with Basu on his previous single “Hua Hua,” he chanced upon vocalist Sharma’s Instagram account, discovering several cover songs. “Utkarsh has a lovely voice and is working as an I.T. professional. He’s a self-taught singer and has been singing for over a decade now. Whereas, Neelasree has studied classical music and has been actively working as a singer in the Bengali music industry and independent music,” Singh says about his collaborators.

Watch the video for “Kho Jaate Hai” below. The song is out on streaming platforms on December 4th.

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