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Exclusive Premiere: New Delhi Composer Nishant Singh’s Bittersweet Love Song ‘Alvida’

Produced and sung by Vaibhav Singh, the lo-fi leaning track talks about a change in relationships

Anurag Tagat Jan 28, 2021

New Delhi-based composer and theater director Nishant Singh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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A theater director and composer for his plays over the last five years, it’s only apt that New Delhi artist Nishant Singh’s new single “Alvida” starts off with a voice sample, even if it’s been obscured for effect. Nishant, who teamed up with singer-producer Vaibhav Singh for the track, says he wanted to create an “immersive experience” with a bit of storytelling.

He adds about the track, “The whole concept of the song was based on a couple that now had to be in a long-distance relationship after living together for so long and we added that voice sample to create that chaos and the overwhelming feeling you get when you have to say goodbye at stations. You get to see the most bittersweet goodbyes at places such as an airport or a railway station, hence the voice sample.” Slow and wistful with flourishes of guitar, string arrangements and keys, Nishant lands at a typically lo-fi Hindi romantic track, even as he recruits Vaibhav Singh to grapple with complicated feelings. In a note, Nishant explains that “Alvida” deals with a “sweet yet painful goodbye between a couple” who are transitioning in their lives. 

Working remotely from New Delhi with Mumbai-based Vaibhav, Nishant says although they didn’t meet each other, they were drawing from several past experiences of creating music together. “I think friendship and understanding play a very big part in the creative process because then you’re not hesitant to speak up or to trust the other person’s feelings,” Nishant adds. 

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“Alvida” follows Nishant’s debut solo track “Kaha Aagaye” from 2020. The composer promises more material this year as well. “I am currently working on another track… after that, I’d have to wait and see when I get a feeling to create and write again because music is like emotion for me and emotions can never be forced,” he adds. 

Listen to “Alvida” below. 

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