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Exclusive Premiere: Primitiv Look Into the Grim Past on ‘Demon of Science’

The Mumbai doom/death metallers pick a blistering number off their album ‘Immortal and Vile’ for their first music video

Rolling Stone India Mar 01, 2018

A still from Primitiv's new music video "Demon of Science"

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When you’re a band as rooted in visual storytelling as Mumbai’s Primitiv, even thinking of a music video might sound ambitious.

The doom/death metal band enlisted fan and filmmaker Amar Shinde and editor Nikhil Pathak, who took them to Pune’s M.I.T. School of Film and Television for their first music video, “Demon of Science.” Says bassist Riju Dasgupta, “Unfortunately, unlike say Albatross [the heavy metal band which features Dasgupta on bass], where they’re still based in the real world, the science fiction of Primitiv is very, very difficult to translate. With that in mind, we think he’s done a great job.”

The shoot resulted in a futuristic video that also recreates barren, bleak lands Primitiv can call their storytelling home, offering a glimpse into the world of their 2016 album Immortal and Vile. “Demon of Science,” in particular “is about a bunch of pilgrims in the future, who believe they’ve discovered temples. When all they’ve discovered are remains of ancient laboratories. They mistake the robot guardians for priests for the temple,” according to Dasgupta, who says they shot the entire video in a day. Watch below.

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