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Exclusive Premiere: Producer Olovson’s Tranquil Debut Song ‘Books Are Flying’

The Stockholm-based artist behind works by Frank Ocean, Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello offers a neo-classical piano piece

Anurag Tagat Jun 14, 2021

Swedish artist Olovson. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Although known for his Grammy-winning work with Swedish production duo Jarami, Stockholm-based Jacob Olofsson turns away from his hitmaker reputation for his solo project Olovson. Centered around piano compositions, Olovson has released his debut song “Books Are Flying,” a soft yet uplifting piece which introduces his universe.

Previously having worked on songs like Frank Ocean’s “Chanel” and Dua Lipa’s “Electricity,” there’s a sense of quietude on “Books Are Flying.” The producer and pianist says about the track, “I would want the listener to put their everyday life on pause for a second and let their imagination run freely while listening. I think it sets the tone very well of what’s to come.”

While acknowledging that producing as part of Jarami is a collaborative effort “by everyone in the room,” Olovson is about using a different set of tools. He adds, “It’s just me sitting down by the piano with no one else around and I can shut everything else out and close my eyes, and almost even close my ears, and compose in a very different way, using tempo, harmony, and disharmony much more freely than in a pop setting for example. And to find tension in that stripped-down setting is very liberating and intriguing.”

Olovson jokes about how releasing his music independently meant he had to set up a label (1136 Diamond) but he goes on to mention that he would like to grow it into something bigger. There’s going to be another single later this year and an album set for release in October. “While I created this album I kept having these images and stories around each composition, so I contacted a couple of visual artists whom I love and who could materialize and develop these ideas further. That being said, there will be lots of visual content to look forward to. Olovson is its own universe and I want to invite everyone into it, this is just the beginning.” the producer adds.

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Listen to “Books Are Flying” below. Pre-save the song here.

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