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Exclusive Premiere: The Revisit Project Pay Tribute to Jammy on ‘Sir Dravid’

The New Delhi jam band write about two crucial moments in cricketing history for Indian batsman and wicketkeeper Rahul Dravid

Anurag Tagat Mar 01, 2019

New Delhi jam band The Revisit Project.

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In the world of Indian sports and its history, cricketer Rahul Dravid commands an unwavering amount of respect by fans, peers and critics alike. New Delhi jam band The Revisit Project’s saxophonist Abhay Sharma knows this all too well, as he recalls being glued to the T.V. when Dravid saved the day countless times, shouldering a match win alongside batting great Sachin Tendulkar.

Sharma, who’s composed their latest “Sir Dravid” in honor of the wicketkeeper and batsman, says, “He’s a gentleman that a younger person aspires to be. For me, he’s head and shoulders above every other cricketer.” Off their upcoming second album Brown Man’s Funk, which narrates more stories of “brown heroes,” the funky new track did find its way to Dravid. Sharma says he routed it through talk show host Vikram Sathaye, who then sent it to the subject of the track. “Dravid loved the song, even his kids loved the song. He was genuinely humbled,” Sharma says.

The video ”“ shot by New Delhi’s photographer and filmmaker Steve Peter at Subcritical Productions ”“ features the band in yet another goofy getup. Wearing cricket gear and funking it up, “Sir Dravid” retells stories from matches in Adelaide and Calcutta in the early 2000s. “We’re a goofy bunch in real life. It’s an unspoken rule in jazz and funk that you’ve to be more suit-and-tie, but we don’t subscribe to that.”

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Brown Man’s Funk, which features the already released ode to their jampad “D-110” among seven tracks in total, will release on April 13th, with a launch gig at the Piano Man Jazz Club in New Delhi. “We want to give a message out to the brown heroes,” Sharma says.

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