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Exclusive Premiere: Rohan Solomon’s Contemplative New Single ‘Without A Trace’

Anchored in acoustic guitar and an evocative string section, the New Delhi-based singer-songwriter is seen performing in isolation in the music video

Anurag Tagat Oct 06, 2020

New Delhi singer-songwriter Rohan Solomon. Photo: Courtesy of the Big Beat India

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While he’s often sung about life’s travails and angst around love in his younger days for rock band Cyanide, singer-songwriter Rohan Solomon showcases a steady amount of maturity and lyrical depth, as heard in his latest single “Without A Trace.”

Solomon agrees that the songwriting and thought processes of making music haven’t changed much over the decade, but “Without A Trace” marks a dive into his personal perspectives. “It’s probably the first song where I’m talking about something super personal and showing a side of my vulnerability that I never have before,” he says. The acoustic guitar-driven song is offered up just with Solomon’s introspective vocals about his journey and ruminating on the “positive mark” he’s left on the world so far. Co-written with New Delhi-based Suhasini Mehta — a friend of Solomon — “Without A Trace” came at a time when the singer-songwriter was going through writer’s block.

The track is elevated to a more stirring state thanks to violin and cello melodies composed by New York-based artist Tiffany Weiss, which has been performed by 7th House Strings. Solomon had worked with Weiss and 7th House Strings previously while he was in New York and decided to call on them for his own track. “I wrote the rest of the orchestration with my friend Harshit Verma, who is an amazing music composer. With the additional strings, brass sections, harp etc. added in, the song finally felt complete,” Solomon adds.

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In the accompanying music video shot by filmmaker Arya Jha, the artist is captured in a sort of inner monologue, singing amidst nature about his despair but accepting the sentiment. In addition to working as a sound engineer and in mixing and mastering at his own Synergy Audio Productions, Solomon is also conducting classes on music production and audio engineering. He adds that he’s also working on more material. “I’m really enjoying that process of writing pretty regularly and shaping some tunes together. I don’t always end up recording and/or releasing all those songs. Just the ones that make the cut,” Solomon says.

Watch the video for “Without A Trace” below. The song is out on all platforms on October 7th.

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