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Exclusive Premiere: Shillong Metallers Dymbur Amp It Up on ‘Origins From Alpha’

The experimental metallers will open for American metal band Veil of Maya in January

Anurag Tagat Dec 22, 2017

Shillong metallers Dymbur. Photo: Nipasa Pradhan

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As much as metal prefers to be about condemning the wicked ways of the world and often, introspecting our worse fears, there’s also lessons about human nature and positivity. This is something Shillong experimental metallers Dymbur can tell you about.

On their third release “Origins From Alpha,” the band ”“ who came together in 2012 ”“ talk about the problems with pride and arrogance. Guitarist Cornelius Kharsyntiew points to how excess pride leads to superiority complex, leading one to look down upon others. He adds, “The person stops improving himself or herself and thus the downfall. We see this cycle in our day to day life, be it in an individual, a politician, a musician.”

Dymbur ”“ who take their name from the Khasi word for “fig tree” ”“ have warded off lineup change jinxes for the last three years, cycling through a few drummers that put off plans of finishing an EP or album to follow up their 2014 single “Anecdote.” They now have Achugra Sangma on drums, Mayson Dkhar on bass and vocalist Neil Lyngdoh, who Kharsyntiew says is on his way out due to professional commitments. The guitarist says the djent-edged “Origins From Alpha” is sort of a farewell gift to Lyngdoh. Kharsyntiew  says, “It’s a hard time for us since we’ve been together right from the start. We’ve had many memories together and we’re not just a band but a family. Now this family has to let a brother go and it was a tough decision from both ends. That being said we had decided that it will be a memorable moment for him if he’d record just one song from the album with us before saying goodbye.”

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Lyngdoh will get a send-off with two shows in the span of a month, including December 30th in the Assamese town of Chirang and on January 11th in Guwahati, where they will open for American metallers Veil of Maya. Kharsyntiew says, “We’ve been together from the start and we’d want a good farewell for Neil, and what else could we asked for, to bid farewell to him on the day that we open for our idols is a blessing for us. At least he will have a milestone to remember for the rest of his life before saying goodbye.”

Listen to “Origins from Alpha” below:

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