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Exclusive Premiere: SkyEyes Get Confrontational in ‘Letter To My Father’ Music Video

The New Delhi psychedelic/blues rock band take on how dads become “highly inexpressive of love and support for a child”

Anurag Tagat Jul 06, 2019

New Delhi band SkyEyes in a still from the 'Letter To My Father' music video.

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When members of New Delhi blues band Big Bang Blues branched out to create an alter-ego called SkyEyes last year, they explored their psychedelic, angsty and high-energy side as musicians. Their debut self-titled EP – which released in February – showed off much more personal songwriting, with good results.

Their stats showed that the anger-fueled rollercoaster track “Letter To My Father,” written by lead guitarist Sushant Thakur, was the most streamed song off the EP on all platforms. Vocalist Diyatom Deb says this made it the best choice for a music video. Directed by filmmaker Talisa Oberoi, the music video for “Letter To My Father” dives straight into the bare emotions that Indian middle class fathers often feel (or sometimes, don’t feel) towards their children.

The video features the members of SkyEyes – Deb, Thakur, bassist Barun Sinha and drummer Akhil Kumar – directing their rage towards four old men, who are equally wildly emotive. Sinha’s real-life father Aditya Sinha features in the video, as does veteran Kolkata bass guitarist Lew Hilt (part of rock band High), alongside actors Mohan Kant and Arun Kumar Singh.

So just how did SkyEyes recruit Hilt, now in his 70s, to be part of the video? Turns out the seasoned rock artist was part of Big Bang Blues for a short time. Thakur says they became friends while collaborating on a classic rock project called Epic, featuring vocalist Teesta Galway and then got Hilt on board with Big Bang Blues. The guitarist adds, “We played few gigs together and really learned a lot from Lew about music and the rock and roll life.”

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What of course helped in picking Hilt was also his background in acting. “Lew’s expressive looks and father figure aura came to our mind immediately and we were confident of him perfectly delivering due to his experience working in Bengali movies,” Thakur says. Watch the video below.

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