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Exclusive Premiere: Tailored Haven Lament the Trappings of ‘Alternative Facts’ on ‘Prison of Reason’

The Vadodara prog metallers are working on a three-track EP that will release later this year

Anurag Tagat Jan 11, 2020

Vadodara prog metal band Tailored Haven. Photo: Mitali Khare and Devi Upadhyay

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On their debut single “Prison of Reason,” Vadodara prog metal band Tailored Haven talk about dissent being silenced and chaos prevailing. It’s specially relevant now, but it’s a song they wrote at the end of 2016, when students of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) were protesting the appointment of actor Gajendra Chauhan as chairman, a member of the right-wing ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

Drummer Jyotirmay Menon says, “We felt really strongly at the time and put it on paper. We’ve written songs which point out to murky things in the beginning but throws some hope in the end, but with this song, there’s no hope in the end.” While the audio version clocks in at over nine minutes, the music video cut of “Prison of Reason” is seven and a half minutes, more than enough to showcase Tailored Haven’s signature juxtaposition of ambient portions and rattling breakdowns, coupled with vocalist Reyniel Rozario’s snarling intensity.

In what doesn’t sound like a joke at all about progressive rock and metal songwriting, Menon notes that the video version is “short, crisp and punchy.” Directed by Paul Varghese and featuring actor and dancer Anuradha Rudrapriya in the role of a prisoner, the music video details how a person struggles under shackles but eventually breaks free.

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The song is the first from Tailored Haven’s forthcoming three-track EP, which Menon says is currently in pre-production stage. While Gujarat has had a decent past in metal, the band remains one of the few still active in Vadodara, along with the likes of blackened death metal act Flood of Mutiny. Tailored Haven recently got to perform at Mumbai metal gig series Blackblood and there may be more nationwide gigs in the works. The drummer adds, “In terms of surviving, we’re very dead sure about why we’re doing this. We like playing and the contrast we can bring with heavy parts with really clean ambient sections, which are almost post-rockish in a sense. We’re super passionate about this.”

Watch the video for “Prison of Reason” below. 

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