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Exclusive Premiere: Listen to ViceVersa’s “Tear Em Apart”

The Mumbai electronica band’s new track features Bengaluru rapper Brodha V and Mumbai hip-hop arist NaeZy

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Aug 27, 2014
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ViceVersa | Photo Credit: Vandhana Rajan Swamy

ViceVersa | Photo Credit: Vandhana Rajan Swamy

Mumbai-based electronica band ViceVersa’s banging new track “Tear Em Apart,” is the first single leading up to the band’s new EP Blunt Force Aroma, which is slated to release in September. Produced by Ayan De and featuring Bengaluru rapper Brodha V aka Vighnesh Shivanand and Mumbai hip-hop artist NaeZy aka Naved Shaikh, the track combines hip-hop and electronica to sound like “an angry out of control chainsaw,” as producer Manas Ullas of ViceVersa put it.

[L] Brodha V | Photo Credit: Parizad D  [R] NaeZy: Photo Credit: Sushmita Chandramouli / Suraj Hadal

[L] Brodha V | Photo Credit: Parizad D
[R] NaeZy: Photo Credit: Sushmita Chandramouli

Centered on people who take pleasure in bringing other people down, the band calls it “a song for the haters.” Says NaeZy, “I had things going on in my head when I received the beat from P-Man. I wrote the verse, cursed the people I wanted to and mailed it back to him. The lyrics are for the people who are two-faced, who break promises. When you can’t keep it to yourself anymore, you gotta tear em apart!” Split between Mumbai and Bengaluru, the band and their collaborators sent each other demos for three months before the track was finished. Adds Ullas, “Brodha V and NaeZy took it to the next level. They are two of the most talented guys I have met and to work with people like them is like our personal victory badge.”

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