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Exclusive Premiere: Bevar Sea, Shepherd Drummer Deepak Raghu’s Somber New Song ‘Indestructible’

Hear the drummer pick up the guitar and lend his voice to chilling tunes as The Earth Below

Anurag Tagat Oct 06, 2017

Mumbai-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Deepak Raghu. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Now that he’s not screaming his lungs out with Bengaluru sludge band Shepherd, who recently called time after releasing a split album with Mumbai hardcore band Death By Fungi, Deepak Raghu is concentrating on his solo project The Earth Below.

With his second EP Window Lights for Wanderers released in June this year, the drummer for stoner/doom band Bevar Sea, doom/death band Dying Embrace and Shepherd is making it clear that he’s not all about slow and heavy. Just slow. The atmospheric but simple edge The Earth Below seems to draw from grunge to doom to shoegaze and lo-fi.

On the latest release “Indestructible”””off his upcoming EP Dreams of a Thousand Stillness””Raghu delves even deeper into his psyche, vulnerably introspecting. There’s even an evocative string section (provided by Bengaluru producer-bassist Leslie Charles) on the song, whom Raghu knows since 2011, when they were part of rock band Allegro Fudge.

Does the gloom of moving from Bengaluru to Mumbai reflect in the tone that Raghu has taken? He says, “Maybe it does but I’m not really much of a social person anyway, so my environment is basically wherever I’m living at any time. I’ve been living with my girlfriend for close to three years now, and most of my writing revolves around our relationship and my own personal shortcomings. It’s not really confessional, but more about documenting the process.” Dreams of a Thousand Stillness is slated to release later this year.

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Listen to “Indestructible” below. Buy the single here.

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