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Exclusive Premiere: Kerala Duo The Fortune Call on Dutch Singer-Producer Pyralid for ‘The End of Us’

The collaborators dig into a breakup that’s brought about by a reluctance to open up

Anurag Tagat Jan 20, 2022

The Fortune and Pyralid. Photos: Courtesy of the artist

Raipur/Chennai-based pop duo The Fortune have roped in Dutch producer and vocalist Pyralid aka Gijs Driesenaar for “The End of Us.” Their new single is described as a “semi melancholic” electronic pop song, which sonically, metaphorically (and visually) talks about the failure of a relationship despite persistence.

Taking the idea of swelling and descending sonic patterns and the artwork of waves hitting the shore, Pyralid – who co-composed, co-produced and wrote the lyrics – sings about the difficulty of getting a significant other to open up, which leads to the eventual end of their time together. Composer-producer duo Dhananj Shivganesh and Nikhil Pradip from The Fortune stick to their accessible composing sensibilities, creating vibrant pop with Pyralid. “Ever since I stumbled upon Pyralid’s music on Spotify, I have been fascinated by how rich and unique sounding his music is. We are also proud about the fact that we are the first artist Pyralid is collaborating with,” Shivganesh says. Pradip adds, “We are growing a little more confident of our capabilities of making music that can’t be classified under a single genre.”

For his part, Pyralid says there were ideas aplenty with The Fortune and the partnership felt as natural as ever. “I have always wanted to produce a song about this breakup experience and I’m glad I got to produce it together with The Fortune,” he adds.

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Listen to “The End of Us” below. Pre-save the song here.