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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Anand Bhaskar Collective’s Aggressive New Video for ‘Intehaa’

The Mumbai alt rock/fusion band display a new avatar in the glitchy warehouse-themed clip

David Britto Apr 12, 2018

Anand Bhaskar Collective display a new avatar in the glitchy warehouse-themed clip for "Intehaa"

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Anand Bhaskar Collective’s new, in-your-face video for their latest track “Intehaa” is probably their darkest yet. Directed by Mumbai-based videographer Delton D’souza, the film–with its glitchy, menacing red tint running throughout–expertly captures the mood of the song, which is a tirade against the socio-political mess our country is in currently.

A megaphone-armed Anand Bhaskar, the frontman, is seen belting out the words, while the rest of the band members–guitarist Chandan Raina, violinist Shravan Sridhar, bassist Neelkanth Patel and drummer Shishir Tao–are seen at their irreverent best. Bhaskar says, “The idea is to draw attention to battles that we should be fighting instead of focusing on stupid shit like religion and religious practices.” He adds, “There are bigger issues affecting the country that we need to take care of.”

The vocalist says they decided to keep the video simple–sans any story or narrative–so that viewers could focus entirely on the music and lyrics without any visual distractions. “Basically, the song is a parallel–it’s like a king and his advisor in conversation. The advisor is telling the king about all that is wrong in his kingdom. We draw a parallel from that equation to us, the citizens, talking with our government.”

“Intehaa” is off Anand Bhaskar Collective’s second album Excuse Me, which was released earlier this year. The band will launch the new music video at their upcoming Mumbai gig at Above The Habitat on April 13th which will also feature performances by city-based groups such as Hindi rock band Sparsh and progressive rock outfit City Haze.

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Watch the video for “Intehaa” below:

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